Bollywood rising in the north

With the popularity of Bollywood directors wanting foreign locations to entice audiences, unlikely locations in Britain are becoming likely sources of filming. Bradford, Doncaster and Rotherham are the latest backdrops for Bollywood blockbusters.

Reported on the BBC, the subject of India’s hockey players in the era of WW2 and thereafter is the latest arrival in Yorkshire.  The film ‘Gold’ has attracted Bollywood heart throb Akshay Kumar who is aka Arnie of Bollywood. Directed by Reema Kagti, the film is an increasing number of Bollywood productions which prefers to film outside India where they can access real locations rather than having to build sets. Productions are also going outside London as the costs in the capital are making filming prohibitive for many investors.

Within a decade, Bollywood investments have reached record levels and an increasing number of productions have the budgets to film globally. Film production has increased from under 5 to 22 in 2015-17 and the spend has increased by over 400% to nearly £70 million. These figures are still relatively low compared to Hollywood productions like Star Wars, The Transformers and The Mummy.  But Bollywood powerhouse is rising at an extraordinary pace.

According to the British Film Institute, around £1.3 billion was spent by foreign film makers in Britain which is double the figure compared to 2012. The indication is the trend will continue to rise upwards and onwards.

Full Story, See BBC article.